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'Keep On Trying' - That's what they all say...

Many times that I have heard that phrase, and I am sure you have too? ‘Just keep on trying' or ‘you can do it if you put your mind to it'. In fact, I have been hearing these phrases, or variations thereof, since I was a little girl. Perhaps it was when I was trying to climb the stairs for the first time? Or swimming that first length of the pool - either way, that positive encouragement did get me through and so many times I did achieve (thank you, parents & grandparents).

As we get older, those kinds of phrases sometimes seem to be more of an annoyance than an encouragement, especially when it’s your turn to start parenting or you’re busy with a huge workload and a schedule so full it could rival Kim Kardashian's. It is almost an implication that you are not doing quite as well as you should be, but keep trying and let’s hope you get there eventually.

Well actually, I am already trying and it is not quite happening as quickly as I want it to but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. For some reason as we get older society encourages us to show that we are 'perfect', when the truth is that nobody is. It is so important for us as adults to realise and remember that everyone has been in the same position at some point - the boat is not always sailing completely in the right direction and a few (potentially tidal) waves later we manage to get back on track and indeed learn but also achieve.

Parenting is never going to be an 'easy’ task, far from it, but oh my it is rewarding, loving and messy (remember that nice bit of crusty milk stained on your navy top from the morning, that you only noticed at 4pm...).

You are doing your best and you are enough. Your little one certainly thinks so, but do you know what? Keep on trying, keep on going because you are doing it and you will figure it out and best of all, you will be teaching them to keep going and keep trying too.

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