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My imagination and creativity always takes me on new journeys, I am represented by Abigail Sparrow at SP Literary Agency for my fictional books -

Separately, I currently have book contracts with Bloomsbury Publishing & Jessica Kingsley Publishing. '50 Fantastic Ideas for Forest School' was published in March 2020 through Bloomsbury and has won two awards to date. My academic book 'Building Confidence, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence in Young Children' was be published in August 2020 with JKP and the audiobook came out in March 2021.

I am very excited to be sharing my debut books with everyone!

I also write articles and blogs for various organisations and magazines such as 'Teach Early Years', 'The Childcare Expo' & 'Blossom Educational'.

I am always looking to collaborate and work with professionals, so do get in touch if you wish me to commission an article specifically.  



50 Fantastic Ideas for Forest School

Jamie Victoria Barnes, creator of The Childcare Guru, uses her wealth of knowledge to present an invaluable resource filled with activities that spark creativity and encourage development and learning in a natural environment, perfect for helping young children enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The benefits of rich outdoor learning experiences are second to none. Outdoor learning offers holistic development for every child and in a fast-paced world heavily focussed on technology, forest schools provide a stimulating and relaxed environment to learn in, away from time pressures and electric devices. 50 Fantastic Ideas for Forest School presents full-colour photographs and easy-to-follow activities from Forest School TV to natural art self-portraits to get young children outside and reconnecting with the natural world, supporting their emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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Building confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence in young children

Confidence, emotional intelligence and resilience are vital to children's mental wellbeing, and this book gives early years practitioners all the tools they need to promote these skills in young children.
The book explores how three approaches - Growth Mindset, Forest School and Multiple Intelligences - can be key to building these skills. Growth Mindset focuses on talents being strengthened through hard work and determination; Forest School uses the physical natural world to enhance learning and development; and Multiple Intelligences focuses on equally valuing the many different kinds of intelligences there are. Each chapter includes activities and ideas to show how the different approaches can be used in everyday practice. Also included are reflective questions, quick tips and case studies.
This book will inspire and empower readers to reflect on themselves, their practice, and how they can support each child as an individual to give them the best start in life.

Delighted that my book is now available as an audiobook from all major retailers too!

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